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School Performance

For most of our patients, the school year has been in full swing for a month now. Many children are likely still in an adjustment period, but early signs of school performance concerns or obstacles to success can be unfolding. We at PAMPA care for your entire child, which includes ensuring they can succeed to the best of their abilities in school. All of our providers can serve as a resource for school performance concerns. And we encourage you to address this issue early on in the school year; identifying the problem and getting the solutions in place takes time and often multiple meetings with the teachers, counselors and providers at PAMPA who are involved. Your child’s teacher is always your best resource. My mother always says “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” and this is true when it comes to your child’s education. Be the parent who asks questions, reviews homework assignments and test scores, and set up a meeting with your child’s teacher at the first sign of trouble.

A visit with your provider for a school concern might include one or all of the following:

  • A detailed discussion of the school challenge to help identify the cause and rule out less likely medical problems 
  • A discussion of the resources in your child’s school or community to have a full Neuropsychiatric/educational evaluation completed to identify learning disabilities or other diagnoses that qualify for educational support 
  • Written referrals to obtain services in the school or community 
  • Letters to support your concerns or requests to school personnel 
  • Evaluation and treatment for ADHD, depression or other mental health concerns which can impact school performance

ADHD is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood, affecting about 10% of boys and 3-4% of girls. This disorder can be diagnosed by your provider after a careful evaluation which may include a discussion of family history, a review of your child’s health history, the use of screening forms completed by parents and teachers, or a neuropsychiatric evaluation done by a psychologist. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, we can have a careful discussion of the pros and cons of medications, including the use of stimulants.

Each provider at PAMPA has their own style, and your relationship with your provider will help guide this process. Usually these discussions require an office visit as they are complicated and require time for the attention they deserve. Please call us if you would like to meet with your provider about a school performance concern. Best wishes to all of our families for a fun and productive school year.

Below are some links to resources that can help as well:

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