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Marietta/East Cobb 770-973-4700

Roswell/Alpharetta 770-740-0601

Woodstock/Towne Lake 770-517-6804

A Letter from Dr. Smail

June 12, 2020

Dear PAMPA Families,

Hello! I have been out of the office for a while and I wanted to reach out to you to let know what I have been doing in 2020. I am battling breast cancer. I have been at home recovering from surgery and chemotherapy treatments. I have some other treatments ahead, but I hope the worst is behind me. I have the continued unwavering support from my loving family (including my PAMPA family) and friends.

During this strange time, we are all learning what we can and cannot do without. I cannot do without meaningful personal connections and having a purpose. I treasure my relationships with you and cannot wait until we can pick up where we left off. You have been part of my fight along this journey. I am finding my path to health and getting stronger so I can get back to caring for you in person. I cannot wait to hold your babies again and marvel at how much your kids have grown. I miss hearing about your academic accomplishments, sports victories, and where you decided to go to college. Caring for you is my passionate purpose and I am excited to return to the office soon!

It is impossible to go through something like this and not be changed in some way by it. I hope after my experience as a patient, I can be an even more compassionate care giver. I know how important it is to feel heard and cared for! Hopefully, I can be an example of resilience, which we all need a little bit of right now.

I want to thank my PAMPA partners and colleagues who have taken excellent care of you during my absence. They have also been taking good care of me; they have loved on me and supported me through this very difficult time. I am eager to stand side by side with them again soon. With my continued recovery and treatments ahead, I plan to gradually return to the office. Due to my compromised immune system, I will initially be seeing exclusively well patients. I look forward to seeing you! My daily prayers continue for patience, hope, and joy.


Nicole Smail, M.D.