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Woodstock/Towne Lake 770-517-6804

Returning to School

July 15, 2020

Returning to school: What to do?

As announcements of fall return to school options are made in the setting of COVID-19, many families are struggling with the decision regarding which option is best for their child and their family. We understand how difficult this decision is for many of you and some families have turned to the providers at PAMPA Pediatrics for advice. We recommend that each family consider their own individual needs, risks, and circumstances as you make your decision.

As you consider your choices, we hope the following information is helpful. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and PAMPA providers, acknowledge that in-person learning is best for most children. Supportive services, identifying and addressing learning deficits, food security, and physical activity are just a few of the benefits in-person learning offers children. Local school systems are working to mitigate as much risk as possible in the in-person learning setting, and the AAP is offering guidance for various strategies for the school systems to implement.

However, PAMPA Pediatrics also understands that families have at-risk individuals in their households, and the potential for exposure to COVID-19 may outweigh the benefits of in-person education. This risk-benefit analysis is an extremely personal process, and we encourage each family to individually work through the benefits versus the risks of exposure to make the best decision.

Wear A Mask!

PAMPA Pediatrics encourages the use of face coverings/masks

At PAMPA Pediatrics, we encourage the use of face coverings/masks for everyone, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks have been shown to decrease the spread of respiratory droplets and slow the spread of disease. The strategy of wearing face coverings/masks may require some practice, particularly for elementary aged children, but we believe that most children can successfully learn this skill.

We ask that all patients over the age of three and all parents wear a mask when in our office. Our goal is to create the safest environment possible for our patients, staff and providers. Please do your part and wear a mask!

The Providers and Staff of PAMPA Pediatrics